AdminX Aims to Improve Customer Service

Over the next 10 years, the Institute is working toward ambitious goals and bold actions set forth by the Institute Strategic Plan. To help achieve these goals, the Administrative Excellence (AdminX) team is working across campus to reimagine the way we work, scale to accommodate growth, provide exceptional customer service, and create a culture where continuous improvement is embraced and expected.   

One component of AdminX – the Administrative Services Center (ASC) – is expected to come online this fall. Each function slated for integration with the ASC will undergo rigorous process improvement to uncover opportunities that will optimize performance as well as the customer experience.  

In preparation of launching the ASC in the fall, the process improvement work has already begun for hiring, employment verification and records, and foreign national and international assignment processing.   

Through these efforts, immediate and long-term improvements are being identified which will allow the team to implement as soon as spring.  

A Focus on Hiring  

The Process Improvement team is currently focusing on hiring and has completed current process mapping, pain point identification, and is now reviewing the recommended changes to processes with the hiring stakeholders. The hiring process work includes student, staff, faculty, affiliate, retired but working, and dual career hiring types as well as a look at onboarding and direct hire.  

Some key updates include:  

  • Brainstorming and prioritizing improvement ideas to address the pain points that were identified by stakeholders and the project team, for example exploring the use of robotic process automation to trigger an email to the hiring manager once the hire process is complete.  
  • Designing future state processes for recruiting, selecting, and onboarding employees in the most efficient and effective way possible. The processes also identify key areas where the Administrative Services Center can support the work starting in October 2022.  
  • Recommending over 20 “quick wins” or ideas that can be implemented quickly, with minimal effort, and provide immediate benefit. The team started with over 100 ideas that were then narrowed down into more than 20 actions that were determined to be the most impactful and achievable prior to the opening of the ASC in October 2022.  

The hiring “quick wins” are primarily comprised of actions that can help provide transparency around the steps in a process and highlight key details in the hiring process that often get overlooked. Longer-term improvements that include technology and policy changes will be implemented after the launch of the ASC.   

View a complete list of quick wins here. 

Get Involved

The AdminX team is excited to embark on this journey with campus and looks forward to building and implementing solutions that will enhance administrative service delivery across the Institute. 

Over the next year, you will have numerous opportunities to engage and become a part of the solution through surveys, info sessions, workshops, and more.