The Administrative Services Center (ASC)

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What will be the ASC Experience?

The ASC is comprised of a skilled set of individuals trained to conduct these transactions. Our goal is to ensure all units across the Institute get the same level of excellent service.

You will be able to access the ASC through a variety of channels – in person, chat, phone calls, and ticket service.​Customer service is the focal point as we will offer an excellent customer service experience from "Needs Assistance" to "Support Complete".

Our goal is a concierge service, so when you reach out to us and we will walk you through each step handing off to another assigned colleague to provide updates and make sure your problem gets resolved. We never want you to feel like your request has gone into a black hole. ​

We are bringing together Subject Matter Experts will come from both the central and distributed units to capitalize on their knowledge and perform hiring, IT, and finance transactions, and continued process improvements.​

How is the ASC Structured Internally?

The ASC will be comprised of four key operational teams that will work together to provide solutions for customers across the Institute:

Customer Service Excellence: The "front door" of the ASC; ensuring an excellent customer service experience for campus customers

Functional Support Services: Expert level functional support and knowledge of ASC service areas: HR, IT, Finance, Procurement, Research Admin

Operational Excellence: Enabling customer satisfaction by ensuring effective and efficient operations

Administration: Internal departmental support for the ASC

Who will work in the ASC?

The ASC will fill positions with a combination of moving existing staff and hiring new staff (internal and external candidates). As a result, not all positions within the ASC will require an application process. New competitive positions performing new work will be posted for both internal and external candidates.

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