Process Improvement

Wave 1- HR

Wave 1 of the process improvement work focuses on HR processes, including:

  • Hiring
  • Employment Verification/ Records
  • Foreign National Processing & International Assignments*
  • Compensation*
  • Position Management/ HRIS*
  • Payroll
  • Payroll Accounting 
  • Time and Labor
  • Benefits and Retirement*

* Partial transition of activity from GTHR to ASC

Process Improvement Timeline

Review Hiring Quick Wins

Process Improvement Updates


December 2021 - March 2022

View: Project Team

Status: This team is reviewing the end-to-end hiring process that includes recruitment, selection, and onboarding for all types of employees. The scope of work covered in this process improvement effort includes:  

  • Faculty Hiring
    • Tenure track faculty
    • Non tenure track faculty
    • Visiting faculty
    • Research faculty
  • Staff Hiring
    • Staff 
    • Tech Temps
  • Student Hiring
    • Undergraduate
    • Graduate
  • Affiliate Hiring
    • All affiliate types
  • Other Hiring
    • Dual Career Hires (Spousal Hiring)
    • Retired but Working (RBW)

Employment Verification/Records

September 2021- November 2021

View: Project Team

Status: Design the Future Process

The process improvement activities for employment verification/records is underway and the team is currently working through designing the future process. Brainstorming and evaluation has unveiled many opportunities for improvement that are being categorized by items that can be quickly implemented vs those that may take a larger lift and additional resources.

Faculty Offer

April 2021- October 2021

View: Project Team

Status: Implement and Sustain Improvements

Limited scope faculty hiring process, focusing on negotiation and offer stages. Project will gather data to map current state, identify wastes, and introduce quick wins with high impact to significantly reduce processing times.

View detailed update of improvements and changes identified during the process.

Foreign National Processing & International Assignments

September 2021- November 2021

View: Project Team

Status: Implement and Sustain Improvements

The process improvement activities for foreign national and international assignment processing is underway and the team is currently working through designing the future process. 

Student Hiring

July 2021- March 2022

Learn more about the Student Hiring Improvement Project via the project website.

The pilot began in summer 2021 with multiple volunteer units, running via SmartSheets. The initiative will transition over to ServiceNow in March 2022 and be managed within the Hiring section of Wave 1.