Improving Administrative Services

Administrative Excellence (AdminX) will strive to achieve more efficient and effective processes, enhanced customer service, and a state of continuous assessment and improvement.

Efficient & Effective Processes

Efficient & Effective Processes

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Achieve administrative process improvements while maximizing the value of Georgia Tech’s new financial, human resources and service support systems

Enhanced Customer Service

Enhanced Customer Service

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Improve the delivery of common, routine, and high-volume administrative services by delivering these activities through an administrative services center that is developed with the customer in mind

Continuous Assessment & Improvement

Continuous Assessment & Improvement

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Create a sense of community and collaborative culture that is focused on constantly evaluating the efficacy of our efforts and improving through engagement of community input and involvement

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Step One: Improve Processes

Achieving Administrative Excellence starts with our processes. The AdminX team is leading a process improvement effort on campus to define problem processes, evaluate the current state, brainstorm improvements, and design and implement an enhanced process. Phase 1 of this effort focuses on HR and Enterprise Service Desk Processes.

In addition, there are other improvement efforts happening concurrently with AdminX including the Academic & Research priorities (led by ERP), the Student Hiring Improvement Project (led by GTHR), and Faculty Hiring Improvement (led by Faculty Affairs).

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The Administrative Services Center (ASC)

The Administrative Services Center (ASC) is a deliverable of the AdminX initiative. The ASC is an ecosystem of people, services, and processes built to serve the Institute. The ASC will allow central and local units to focus on strategy while the ASC handles high-volume, routine transactions. This will shift the focus for local units from creating transactions to requesting transactions.

Transactions types ranging from HR, to finance, to research and administration could live within the ASC. All transactions will undergo process improvement prior to ASC onboarding to enable the ASC to provide the most efficient and high-quality service.

Service that Excels

The ASC will provide access to high quality services and expertise, regardless of your unit’s size.

Focus on Transformation

The ASC will allow your unit to focus on mission-critical services instead of getting bogged down by routine transactions.

Streamlined & Standardized Processes

With cross-trained resources and consistent procedures, the staff in the ASC is available to provide support when you need it.

Continuous Improvement

Through the creation and deployment of the ASC, we will work to find better ways to utilize our ERP systems and become more efficient.

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AdminX Events

You’re Invited: MythBusters Takes on AdminX

Join us as we talk through some of the key concerns and questions you have about AdminX and learn more about the next steps toward building the ASC.

AdminX Executive Sponsor Panel on Shared Services

Administrative Excellence (AdminX) executive sponsors will discuss the importance of the AdminX initiative to the Institute and share aspirations for the Administrative Services Center (ASC).

Activity & Opportunity Identification Survey Info Session

Join this session to learn more about the Activity & Opportunity survey and how to utilize the survey resources.

AdminX News

Ira Bragg to Lead the Administrative Services Center (ASC)

Ira Bragg accepts new role at Georgia Tech as the executive director of the Administrative Services Center (ASC)

Staff Input Needed for Development of Administrative Services Center

Georgia Tech staff members who perform administrative, IT, and grant administration duties are being invited to participate in the Administrative Excellence Activity and Opportunity Identification survey.

Improving Georgia Tech's Student Hiring Process

Georgia Tech Human Resources launched the Student Hiring Improvement Project to develop a more seamless process for student employees.