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Improving Administrative Services

Administrative Excellence (AdminX) will strive to achieve more efficient and effective processes, enhanced customer service, and a state of continuous assessment and improvement.

Efficient & Effective Processes

Efficient & Effective Processes

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Achieve administrative process improvements while maximizing the value of Georgia Tech’s new financial, human resources and service support systems

Enhanced Customer Service

Enhanced Customer Service

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Improve the delivery of common, routine, and high-volume administrative services by delivering these activities through an administrative services center that is developed with the customer in mind

Continuous Assessment & Improvement

Continuous Assessment & Improvement

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Create a sense of community and collaborative culture that is focused on constantly evaluating the efficacy of our efforts and improving through engagement of community input and involvement

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Step One: Improve Processes

Achieving Administrative Excellence starts with our processes. The AdminX team is leading a process improvement effort on campus to define problem processes, evaluate the current state, brainstorm improvements, and design and implement an enhanced process. Phase 1 of this effort focuses on HR and Enterprise Service Desk Processes.

In addition, there are other improvement efforts happening concurrently with AdminX including the Academic & Research priorities (led by ERP), the Student Hiring Improvement Project (led by GTHR), and Faculty Hiring Improvement (led by Faculty Affairs).

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The Administrative Services Center (ASC)

The Administrative Services Center (ASC) is a deliverable of the AdminX initiative. The ASC is an ecosystem of people, services, and processes built to serve the Institute. The ASC will allow central and local units to focus on strategy while the ASC handles high-volume, routine transactions. This will shift the focus for local units from creating transactions to requesting transactions.

Transactions types ranging from HR, to finance, to research and administration could live within the ASC. All transactions will undergo process improvement prior to ASC onboarding to enable the ASC to provide the most efficient and high-quality service.

Service that Excels

The ASC will provide access to high quality services and expertise, regardless of your unit’s size.

Focus on Transformation

The ASC will allow your unit to focus on mission-critical services instead of getting bogged down by routine transactions.

Streamlined & Standardized Processes

With cross-trained resources and consistent procedures, the staff in the ASC is available to provide support when you need it.

Continuous Improvement

Through the creation and deployment of the ASC, we will work to find better ways to utilize our ERP systems and become more efficient.



When did AdminX start?

AdminX is a continuation of the Rethinking Administrative Services (RAS) initiative that started in 2020. After the initial launch of RAS, it was identified that this effort was evolving from the original RAS scope. AdminX brings together leaders across academics, research, and administration to transform the administrative experience - for both the customer and the admins.

Who is involved in AdminX?

This initiative is Chaired by the EVP Admin and Finance, Kelly Fox and is co-sponsored by Executive Sponsors Chaouki Abdallah the EVP Research, Nelson Baker the Dean of GTPE, Charles Isbell the Dean of the College of Computing, the Provost Steven McLaughlin, Michael Shannon the Deputy Chief Business Officer, and Leslie Sharp the Dean of Libraries. Learn more about project leadership.

When will the Administrative Services Center go live?

The Administrative Services Center (ASC) will go live in summer 2022, starting with HR and Enterprise Service Desk functions. The sequence of the following waves of rollout are still being defined but will include procurement, expenses, research administration, desktop support, and classroom technology & A/V support.

Why would we implement shared services at Georgia Tech?

The goal of designing and implementing an administrative shared services function at Georgia Tech is to:​

  • Deliver nimble, high-quality administrative services​​
  • Provide greater depth of expertise​​
  • Increase capacity to handle demand fluctuations​​
  • Eliminate duplicative services​​
  • Achieve process standardization through efficiently designed processes and the use of enabling tools and technologies​​
  • Effectively manage customer relationships​​ Mitigate and manage enterprise risks more effectively​​

As employees, what is our role in the grand scheme of things to come?

All Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and student employees will play a role in the development, design and/or deployment of services. The exact role may change with each service, but the value of each employee’s contribution will directly contribute to meeting the Administrative Excellence mission and vision.

Over the next year, the AdminX team will be connecting with campus through various mechanisms including; info sessions, a change agent network, the project website and email communication. In addition, you can reach out to with any questions.

How will the Administrative Services Center affect the job roles of administrative staff?

The allocation of tasks and responsibilities for unit-based administrative roles vs. Administrative Services Center roles will become more clear over the next year as processes are analyzed and improved. Not all of this change will happen all at once, giving the campus time to adjust and improve along the way. For example, we know that this first effort will focus on some HR tasks, but financial, pre, and post-award tasks are not until further down the road. In addition, not all transaction types will be allocated to the ASC. The idea is to find the real time-sinks or the kind of tasks that are highly repetitive to allow unit-based staff to contribute to more strategic functions in their units.

As some transactions and tasks shift to the ASC, positions will be created within the ASC creating some career path opportunities for current employees. There will be an adjustment period where the allocation of workload and staff within the units will be reviewed in consultation with unit leadership and the staff themselves. We do not anticipate any reductions in force due to some work shifting to the ASC, but individual positions may evolve with these changes.

We know there isn’t much comfort in the ambiguous. We are looking forward to launching opportunities to better engage with AdminX in the coming months. Between surveys, focus groups, and a change agent network, we invite our administrative staff in to share their insights and help inform these decisions. s.

Stay Informed

Stay up to date on project happenings and learn about upcoming events and info sessions.

Contact us at with questions.

AdminX Events

Administrative Excellence (AdminX) Info Session

You are invited to attend the Administrative Excellence (AdminX) Overview Info Session scheduled for Tuesday, 4/13.

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Georgia Tech Strives for Administrative Excellence

A working group of subject matter experts from across the Institute has been collaborating to lay the foundation for Administrative Excellence.

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